About Us

Pukka Mania is an online consignment store based out of Edmonton-Canada selling new and pre-loved luxury items for men and women.

In 2019, Founder and CEO Isabelle Din Dika, a certified Supply Chain Management Professional and fashion passionate started Pukka Mania with the aim of offering to chic lovers from Cameroon, her country of origin, an enriching platform focused on authenticity and quality labels. A year later,after conducting a Marketing research, Pukka Mania signed a partnership with DHL for the delivery of orders in many countries in North America, Europe and Africa.

Pukka Mania aims to empower by communicating the benefits of buying authentic and better quality products over counterfeit or replica.
By purchasing one pre-loved luxury item you reduce its carbon footprint by up to 80% while redefining its life cycle and adhering to a sustainable circular economy.