Store Policy

Authenticity-Transparency-Quality standards

Pukka Mania was founded with the aim of offering its customers 100% authentic branded items at affordable prices. All items go through a multi-point authentication process. We inspect all merchandise from the correct markings, codes, serial numbers to hologram stickers.This is how they go through our strict tests of authenticity before being integrated into the collection and shown to the public.

An article accepted at Pukka Mania is classified as "New" "Excellent" or "Very good":

An item is considered "New" when it contains the original designer label and shows no signs of having been previously used.

An item is considered "Excellent" when it no longer has its original label hwever shows no signs of previous use.

An item has a "Very Good" condition when it does not have an original label and shows signs such as slight color degradation (for clothing), scuffed soles (for shoes) and corners slightly worn (for handbags)